Moving a Loved One That’s Older

//Moving a Loved One That’s Older

Moving a Loved One That’s Older

Our parents are always our parents, but as they grow older, sometimes they need help moving. They may want to downsize their home or even move different states entirely in order to be somewhere more comfortable or feels more like home.

Some adults as they get older also may want to be in a community with an easier and more structured lifestyle. These communities are also designed to be flat and for people to get around easily without having to worry about traversing a flight of stairs or having a large home or cluttered apartment where they feel like they can’t get out much or even claustrophobic or lonely in that space.

Many adult children are surprised to hear their parents say that they want to move, sell their home, or otherwise leave their residence. They are often also surprised by where their parents say they want to go.

Some want to live in a condo in Florida, while others would like to live closer to their adult children or their hometown. Other parents may want to live in a rental apartment or a senior living community. Maybe they want to move in with a relative or your sibling!

No matter what age they are, facing the prospect of moving can be challenging. It involves time, patience, appointments, checking out places, moving up, and a lot of planning and freeing up of schedules in addition to financial cost. Then there’s the prospect of selling or leaving a home and what to do about that.

It can be tough to confront that your parents have desires to move. Maybe they’re moving away from you or maybe you’re not sure about their ideas or wishes. You may even have many practical reasons why they should not move. At the end of the day, though, everyone has to open up a conversation and see where the other is coming from.

Decisions like these don’t come out of nowhere. However, it doesn’t mean that a transition or a move once done is easy. Quite the opposite. People can often feel attached to their homes and where they live. They know the people in the neighborhood. They have things that they do there and places that they go like the park or their favorite lunch spot. So it can be tough to break up that habit and pattern and leave people that you really love behind.

Opening up a conversation about this may not even be your move; it may come from your parent or parents. They may be the ones bringing up a desire to live somewhere else or try something new. Maybe they’re at a time in their lives where that’s what they need.

Physically moving is tough no matter what age you are. If your parents do decide to move, then work smarter and not harder. Hire a moving van and a team that is going to help you get everything in the van and go somewhere else so that you don’t break or bruise anything helping.

Sort through everything once a decision is made and call ahead of time to get the movers ready for the day. Hiring a full service mover is the perfect way to help move your parents no matter where they want to go. Don’t forget to eat cookies to keep your blood sugar up through this process and keep everyone’s spirits up.

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