What’s in Your Garbage?

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What’s in Your Garbage?

For years I have noticed the strangest fact. The amount of garbage that we dispose of is a considerable amount more than our neighbors. I find it to be a little embarrassing when families with four and five kids don’t have nearly as much trash as we do. Our nuclear family consists of five people and even when two of my sons got married (and moved out of our house) I noticed that my garbage was still larger than most. Why were we throwing away more than others? I wish I can say that I recognized the source of the problem right away, but I didn’t. This is probably due to the fact that I am the culprit who causes the trash to be so huge. What’s my issue you wonder? I am a proud and staunch supporter of purchasing stuff, and lots of it. What can I say, I like getting hugs from store owners! I think of myself as a one woman consumer spender, helping America’s economics with every purchase that I make. Frankly, I think you should all be applauding me for my overbuying issues, unless I am single handedly causing inflation, (more than just the inflation of my garbage)!

In order to continuously bring new products into my home, I need to be sure to take out of my house the same amount that I bring in, or essentially my house will explode. My husband likes to call this a balance in our world. Unfortunately, there are no local C.S.A.A. chapters (Consumer Spending Advocate Anonymous) to keep me rooted, so I have to rely on myself to alter my behavior. I am not so sure I would be as successful in cutting back on my expenditures had it not been that our economy recently tanked.

Honestly, I enjoy buying things, whether it be neat little kitchen gadgets or that comfortable pair of shoes (which, I wonder if I’ll ever find again, justifying my purchase of three pairs). These purchases are going to make my life easier and happier… so I think. When my closets become so full that I can no longer locate the item I am seeking, I know that I have exceeded my closet’s limitations. Something drastic has to be done. Home organizing is never just a one shot deal. My annual routine has always been the season ‘switch’. In the fall and spring I pull out that season’s clothing and replace it with the upcoming season’s outfits. My over stuffed closet gets even more overstuffed as seasons aren’t clearly defined and when I stubbornly refuse to discard or donate (d or d) my extra clothing.

Here are a few closet rules to guide you through life. Closet Rule #1 – Discard or donate (d or d) clothing or items you haven’t worn for three years or more. Closet Rule #2 -Do not keep clothing that doesn’t fit or look good on you. If it doesn’t look good on you now, when should it look good; in three years when you set your mind to dieting? Just remember that when you are successful and get yourself in shape, you should be rewarding yourself. You should go out and buy a few new outfits that fit you well and show off your new achievement. Believe me; many of your old clothes won’t fit you the same way once you lose weight. Closet Rule #3 – Before buying anything new, stop and ask yourself, ‘Do I need this or do I want this?’ It is wise to follow this question with, “If I do buy this, where am I going to put it?” If you don’t have a clue where you are going to store it, then I suggest you not buy it at all. In the event you don’t listen to me and purchase the item(s) anyway, then just be aware that your garbage accumulation may be greater than your neighbor’s, unless of course you live on my block. (Garbage Hint: Consider putting the trash out in the middle of the night when your neighbors are fast asleep.)

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