Can Cleaning and Organizing Your Living Space Help Clear Your Mind?

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Can Cleaning and Organizing Your Living Space Help Clear Your Mind?

Is clean the new zen?

You may think that getting rid of clutter in your home will do nothing for you. It’s a placebo effect and nothing more. But then again, even placebos are shown to be more effective in tests than nothing. When you finally set out and choose to declutter your living space, are you actually giving your mind a break in the process?

You may be looking around at your home and its rooms now and wondering what happened to them! Whether you like to clean in small bursts during the day or do it in big sessions or procrastinate until you can’t take it anymore, regular cleaning is helpful if you’re going to keep a space clean.

A good point that no one usually mentions is that having less clutter and surfaces covered on both ground and counter top and table surfaces means that it is WAY easier to clean them! If there is barely anything on the counter tops and floors and tables, then it’s a breeze to wipe down the surfaces and keep them spotless with hardly anything on them, because that’s the way they started.

But can actually just seeing a messy space drive your brain into a less relaxed state? According to some studies, the answer to that question just might be ‘yes’. Studies have shown that the more things that you see, the more ‘stuff’ is competing for representation visually in your mind. Your processing center literally has more to contend with.

Then there is you personally and the people that live in your space. Sometimes, seeing clutter and all of that mess just has a way of making you feel defeated– even paralyzed. It really can create this sense of being overwhelmed. Psychologically, cleaning may free up a space and free up your anxiety about it because you’ve been aware that you need to do it at some point in the back of your mind.

You can hack away at it gradually or take on the process of organizing your living space all at once; it’s up to you. The cleaner that a space is, the more clear that you may find your mind getting. Maybe you’ve been worried about the clutter and the way your home is and want to do something about it but felt the energy drain from you as you looked at it.

The bottom line is that cleaning and organizing is not a must. It is not required. But if you personally feel better when everything is clean and organized, it might be in your own best interest to try and pursue it or try an approach that works for you. The strange thing is that the cleaner and more neat your home is, the easier it will be to clean it and keep it neat! Talk about a mind-bending idea.

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