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Junk Removal Services

As a reputable and reliable Move Managing company, we now offer a full-service junk removal company that will handle everything from a single item, such as a couch or refrigerator, to the entire contents of a home or office.


Sorting & Downsizing

Need to junk your stuff? Have unwanted or unneeded items?

Best Junk Removal Services will help you clear up space in your home and decide what you want to keep, toss, or donate. We have worked in every type of removal situation: from very little clutter to hoarded and heavily crowded homes.

We will prep and organize the items you wish to throw away to make the junk removal process a much smoother one. We offer the option of carrying your items to the curb for sanitation pick up as well. Best Junk Removal Services will drop off your donation items at the same time we pick up your discarded ones to expedite the transition.

Insured and bonded, we will help you prepare for the sale of your home and expedite the entire selling process. Once you’re ready to downsize — whether it’s to live in more open, easily manageable place or you’ve reached an age where a new living situation is needed or you simply need to prepare your house for sale, Best Junk Removal Services will get it done quickly and efficiently.


Unclutter Your Home

“No junk left behind” with our speedy response and trained staff ready to help!

From Light Clutter to Hoarding: Make your space feel open by removing unwanted or unneeded items. At Best Junk Removal Services, we make homes safe and livable again. Our junk removal teams will provide a quick response to your call and arrive within 24 to 48 hours. We come fully prepared with a wonderful crew of reliable and honest workers, capable of getting the job done in the most courteous manner.

A supervisor is on site with every junk removal job to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service and satisfaction. Our team will remove everything from furniture to appliances to carpets and more. Stairlifts can also be removed for donation or discard. Our supervisors inspect every room to assure that nothing has been left behind.

At Best Junk Removal Services, we have gone to great lengths to not only train our teams at the highest possible level but also create a sense of family and accountability which allow us to keep them intact for years. As one supervisor recently commented, “It’s simply a matter of high ethics compounded by good common sense.” And this is the reason you never need worry should someone come across items such as jewelry or money. Our removal teams are trustworthy and experienced in keeping their work clean and leaving your home in pristine condition.


Donation Drop-Off

Recycling & Donation Pick Up

Unlike other junk removal companies, donations can be picked up at your home at your convenience and delivered to the organization of your choice. We will then obtain and deliver a 501 c3 receipt for your records. Too often, organizations are unable to come to your home for several weeks and, when they do schedule a date, make you wait all day for the pick-up. They also tend to be picky about what they take, especially furniture. Our junk removal team will arrive promptly at your door at the designated time and pick up your donated items in a quick, clean, and safe manner.

From donating unopened cans of food to local food banks to providing toys and clothing to shelters and reputable donation centers, we are proud to help those in need and protect our environment. At Best Junk Removal Services, we care and it shows!

Once at your local recycling center, materials are meticulously sorted through the use of compressed air, magnets and infrared technology to create separate groups of cans and plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, metal and so on.


Estate Clean Outs
and Broom Clean

Clean Out Services

Our clients are amazed at how well their homes look once they are broom swept at the end of every job. Taken as a point of pride, clients often comment how well we leave their respective domiciles. And if you wish to take it a step further, we offer deep cleaning services as well.

Yes, we do! We’re able to go ‘above and beyond’ our competitor’s due to our highly personalized service and full understanding of the job at hand and the help you may need. Our system provides the client with a valued advantage in addition to ridding the home of junk and clutter.

Our supervisor’s understand the least expensive and most efficient way to get things done, plain and simple. By planning in advance, we are able to keep you focused and on budget. After all, time is money and a smart plan of action can make all the difference.  It doesn’t get easier than this!


We Do The Work So You Don’t Have To

Whether you’re looking to organize a single room or an entire home, our team will provide solutions that will help you enjoy a new appreciation for your space.

We look forward to working with you.