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Can Cleaning and Organizing Your Living Space Help Clear Your Mind?

Is clean the new zen? You may think that getting rid of clutter in your home will do nothing for you. It's a placebo effect and nothing more. But then again, even placebos are shown to be more effective in tests than nothing. When you finally set out and choose to declutter your living space, are you actually giving your mind a break in the process? You may be looking around at your home and its rooms now and wondering what happened to them! Whether you like to clean in small bursts during the day or do it in [...]

Moving a Loved One That’s Older

Our parents are always our parents, but as they grow older, sometimes they need help moving. They may want to downsize their home or even move different states entirely in order to be somewhere more comfortable or feels more like home. Some adults as they get older also may want to be in a community with an easier and more structured lifestyle. These communities are also designed to be flat and for people to get around easily without having to worry about traversing a flight of stairs or having a large home or cluttered apartment where they feel like [...]

The Role Of A Move Manager

The word ‘moving’ is often followed by a sigh, especially when you are the one responsible to move someone other than yourself. No matter what the circumstances, moving is a monumental task.  Although seemingly challenging to most people, when someone is required to relocate a family member an additional layer of issues arise. Frequently, when I speak to family members who are planning to move a parent or a sibling, I am told that there are other siblings in the family who can’t pitch in. Many times a sibling can’t offer on-site help because the physical labor may be [...]

What’s in Your Garbage?

For years I have noticed the strangest fact. The amount of garbage that we dispose of is a considerable amount more than our neighbors. I find it to be a little embarrassing when families with four and five kids don’t have nearly as much trash as we do. Our nuclear family consists of five people and even when two of my sons got married (and moved out of our house) I noticed that my garbage was still larger than most. Why were we throwing away more than others? I wish I can say that I recognized the source of [...]

How To Unclutter Your Home

Make a date with yourself to unclutter. Set aside 15-30 minutes on a given day, decide where to begin, and spend the time in one area. If it is on your calendar, you can do it! Play the game “Keep or Toss” –Ask yourself these yes/no questions Has anyone in the household used this item in the past year Do I have a definite use for this in the foreseeable future If it’s broken, is it worth fixing? Does this item serve a worthwhile purpose in my life? Do I need to keep it for legal or tax purposes? [...]

How to Choose Professional Junk Removal Services

Are you someone that may need help removing some junk? Believe it or not, most people need the help of junk removal services to get the job done as you not only need to get rid of trash and junk but have someplace to dispose of it and get rid of it to the junk yard or recycling center as well. All together, these reasons are probably why it is a wise decision to get the help of a professional junk removal service in your area to help you with any project that resembles junk removal! If there is [...]